15 Juni 2006

Tanjung Isuy (Central Kalimantan)

This litle settlement around Lake Jempang, in the lake-studded East Kalimantan hinterland, has a traditional Da¬yak longhouse which has been turned into lodges for visitors. The grave of a Benuaq Dayak chief lies aside the hamlets’s only only road. Visitors are usually given a traditional Dayak Benuaq welcome.

The trip over Tanjung Isuy over the Mahakam River is along but interesting one past floating village and forest scenery. See the magic dance of the “belian” a Dayak tribe‘s doctor. Dressed in skirt of leaves, cures his patients at night by performing the rites prescribed by ancestors to the frenzied accompaniment of gongs and drums.

Many Benuaq Dayaks still prefer the old cures to the modern ones at the government public health centers which are nearby.


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