22 Mei 2009

From Behind The Walls of The Keraton

For generations, the Indonesian people have looked to the royal keraton (palace) as a source of both wisdom and practical knowledge. Despite the many changes brought about by development in recent years, the keraton still holds a tremendous attraction for most Indonesians.

From the keraton have come traditions in gamelan music, classical dance, puppetry, wood carving and the art of beauty and health care, particularly care involving the use of jamu and specially made traditional cosmetics.

The keraton also remains a repository of ancient philosophy and rules for living. Yet even centuries after its establishment, many of the mysteries of the keratin have yet to be fully revealed. It is no wonder, therefore, that the keratin is still an object of fascination for so many people.

Among the great secrets of the keraton are many involving health and beauty care, Dr. BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo, one of the royal princess who possessed these secrets, has passed them on to millions of consumers through cosmetic and traditional herb products.

The aristocratic traditions of the keraton were a part of the princess daily life from the very beginning. She was patient in her study of blending of ingredients to make jamu and other preparations for health and beauty care, as well as giving careful attention to other traditional arts.

From her grandmother, Dr. BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo learned how certain plants can impart their restorative powers to those who use them in the proper fashion. This was typical of the kind of traditional wisdom that had long been known only to members of the keraton aristocracy.

** Sumber foto: Company Profile PT. Mustika Ratu, Tbk.

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