07 Juni 2009

Another Factor of Tummy-Fat Troubles

Not only does an oversized waist make it just about impossible to fit into sexy clothing, but it can also make you more prone to heart-related diseases. Weight loss that results in pounds shed around the abdomen was found to lower blood pressure in people with “apple-shaped” bodies, according to findings reported in the journal Hypertension.

High blood pressure is one of the underlying causes of stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. The cause is unknown in most cases, although factors such as excessive salt intake and being overweight can contribute to it. The new study suggest the preponderance of “tummy fat” may be another factor.

In an attempt to lower blood pressure without drugs, Japanese researchers placed 26 obese women who had high blood pressure on a 12-week diet (less than 1,200 calories per day). Scientists also wanted to determine if reducing fat, which accumulated in the abdomen, would cause a decrease in blood pressure. Blood pressure measurements were averaged from three readings.

Women who had significant changes in intra-abdominal visceral fat experienced the greatest decreases in blood pressure. The average weight loss was 22 pounds, and average waist circumference reduced by about half-inch. Systolic blood pressure dropped from 151 to 156; diastolic pressure went from 92 to 83. Readings below 130/85 are considered within normal range.

In general, wherever the last weight was gained (for example, in the abdomen) will be the first place weight is lost.
**Sumber foto: ShilkWinds

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