27 Desember 2009

Top 5 Local Film of 2009: (1) Jamilah dan Sang Presiden

2009 marked another promising turn for Indonesian cinema. Filmmakers in the country released more than 100 titles, an encouraging number for a once-dead industry. But this year has not just ben about quantity: A variety of films from different genres provided movie buffs a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Although the selection was still dominated by horror flicks and slapstick comedies, we also saw a war movie, “Merah Putih” (Red and White), a martial-arts flick, “Merantau” and a village mafia quintet in “Serigala Terakhir” (Last Wolf). These bold films moved both the heard and mind.

The following lists are as objective as such a list can be.

1. Jamila dan Sang Presiden (Jamilah and Sang President)

Jamila and Sang President by activist Ratna Sarumpaet is about a young woman who finds herself all over the media after admitting she killed a high-ranking government official. Convicted and sentenced to life in jail, Jamila (Atiqah Hasiholan) refuses to request a pardon from the president and is instead given the death sentence. Her last days are spent meeting with friends and dealing with the warden, Ria (Christine Hakim).

Sarumpaet’s filmmaking debut conveys a series of sociopolitical messages, particularly revolving around the issues of child trafficking and poverty. But the movie doesn’t derive its power merely from its capacity to challenge the mind, but through the grave interactions between the characters.

Jamila’s plight provides and emotional roller-coaster tide.

sources: thejakartaglobe.com

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