15 Februari 2010

Shopping: Relaxing & Entertaining

Very common in modern society, family become very busy with work and daily routine and sometimes need relaxing activities to balance their routine. To relax by shopping or try to find entertainment have become more and more inadequate.

We can imagine of how many times and energies are wasted by doing the traditional shopping, coming to store and/or hypermarket and got lost in the hundreds of giants shelves, especially when the items we are looking for is very specific and not very common, it will be a major effort to find one. Similar with entertainment, it will be very disappointing to go to club or cinema only to find that the places are not representative and the entertainment is not up to our expectation.

Alternatively, we can turn our choice to online shop which are designed to responds to that kind of requirements, they will provide us with complete information of kind of goods, detailed product specification, info abt shop or manufacturer of the products, and store chain which members are numbered in tenth of thousand of quality shops.

Admittedly, not many online shop can provide such a complete criterias. One of the best online shop is Shopwiki which have more than 30,000 stores chain. This sites provide guidance to shop in many countries and is one that regarded the best.
For specifics products such as LCD TV and Home theater for examples, Shopwikis not only provide us with products picture and prices as in others online shop.

Shopwiki also give us much more choice by categorizing products base on products quality, and also provide us with information regarding the best and worst of one product, such info are very usefull specially if you want to buy LCD TV, HD TV, Home Theater, Blu-Ray and AV Receivers.

It seem that these kind of new shopping ways will become more common in modern society to obtain the products with good quality and correct specifications. The traditional catalogue books, or conventional online shop that only provides picture, prices and basic information only will not adequate in the future. The new concept will provide consumer not only with pics and prices, but also functioning as guidance, information sources, references and encyclopedia, just like Shopwiki !