28 Agustus 2010

PPC Marketing vs FB Advertising

Google is the Bad Egg of Internet Marketing & M-L-M. With so many accounts slapped and closed down for good, Top Gurus are turning to Facebook Advertising as a far superior option for cheap targeted traffĂ­c.

Don't Put your Eggs in One Marketing Basket

Savvy Pro marketers like our members aren't panicking - we've always had a back up plan on the go. Our advice has been simple - don't put all your eggs in one basket - especially Google's! If you're using Pay Per Click  (PPC) Advertising, then make sure you also have some SEO going on - to generate organic traffic.

It takes a lot of hard work to get your site ranked through organic traffic - writing articles, forum posts, blogs, squidoo lenses, hub pages, video marketing - to build up your online presence and expertise for your chosen niche keywords.

Organic takes time. So if you don't have the patience and want to generate lots of traffic fast, PPC is a good to have as part of your marketing model.

But internet marketers and PPC experts are absolutely fed up with the arrogance of Google. So if we're not doing Google Adwords for our marketing, where do we get the masses of traffic we are still able to generate on a daily basis?

Adding Content Rich Social Marketing into the Mix

If you want free traffic, you usually have to spend masses of your time with manually writing copy and creating podcasts and video marketing. So really it's not free at all - time is money and all that. Hiring a copy writing group to create niche content can become quite expensive.

So all this organic SEO friendly traffic takes time to build up and requires consistent daily effort. This is good to add to your marketing mix but won't give you fast traffic.

What's super important too is that organic SEO content is ultimately still controlled by the search engines, so Google still has power over how you get seen by your prospects.

How hard is it these days to do enough clever keyword research to get your unique niche and rank on page one of Google. Almost impossible - especially if you're one newbie trying to compete with the big gurus in internet marketing or M-L-M network marketing arena.

What Marketing Strategies to Use that Beat Google Adwords Fair and Square?

What company is fair and sane, loves affiliates and direct marketers? What company attracts nearly 40 billion views a month and the traffic is uber quality and dirt cheap? Who is this company? Well, it's your friendly neighbourhood.... Facebook!

Facebook is the only company that Google actually acknowledges is a real competitor to them. Facebook is currently showing up as having four hundred million active members - that makes it 5 times the size of Google!!!

Yet Facebook ads represent just 5% of the advertising done on Google.

Now don't be thinking Facebook is just for youngsters! Insidefacebook.com published its statistics and show that only 11% of users are aged 13-17. While 33% are 18-25s, a whopping 18% are aged between 35 and 44. That's 100 million people! And a further 9% are aged 45-54 and 4% 55-65.

Don't spend another cent with Google till you've checked out Facebook Advertising.

Why Facebook is the New Face of Paid Advertising

Facebook is pretty much untapped compared to PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It's truly a "sleeping giant", an ingenious source of traffic that is...
• much bigger than PPC
• less competitive than PPC
• more targeted than PPC
• less expensive than PPC

And what's more, Facebook's integrated personal profiles mean you can hone in on exactly the demographic you are trying to target - not just on keyword phrases, you can also target only Facebook members who are in particular age groups, regions and/or have specifically stated certain interest areas - it's simply awesome how deep you can get into Facebook - giving you massive choice and combinations.

Because of this, Facebook allows you to use the same ad in many different ways so you can really hit the hot spots of your users and their interests. Imagine being able to target by age, gender, film interests, AND keywords... you can really hit your message home.

So what this means in practice is that the clicks you get on your Facebook ad are immensely more targeted and convert far better and cost far less than what you'd achieve on Google Adwords.

If all that targeting isn't enough to convince you, here are some more benefits of using Facebook advertising:
• Facebook is also great for newbies. It's really easy to use and to set up your campaigns. If you can send an email, you can do Facebook ads.

• Facebook ads work in any market and will give a far better ROI than PPC, even for affiliate marketing.

• Facebook advertiser competition is minimal right now, so now is the time to tap into this massive source of traffic.

• Your ad in Facebook can include not only titles and descriptions but also images, which you can't do with PPC ads.

• Facebook ads leave little wastage because you can seek out ultra targeted members who are likely to respond to your offer.

Following the Facebook Rules

There is a downside.

Facebook is hugely protective of its users. So you have to really study and follow their rules. And this will take you some time.

The general rule of thumb stems from what is called "permission marketing". So make sure you check this out so you don't get your account cancelled.

About The Author: Jay Allyson, is an accomplished online marketer and entrepreneur. If you found these marketing tips helpful, find out more how you can join our exclusive marketing group and tap into top expert internet marketing training and systems, available at GetRichLifestyle.com

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