24 Desember 2011

Culinary Indonesia, Being Trends Now and Later

With increasing human creativity to make ends meet, the culinary world will also continue to evolve. Various variants of foods ranging from snacks, main meals, desserts to also have a lot of variants of a highly favored people of Indonesia.

After a 'controlled' western culinary invasion, in 2011 was a year of revival of traditional Indonesian cuisine. This can be seen from the many restaurants that present a variety of indigenous food creations from Indonesia. A number of culinary experts, separately, explaining the reasons behind it.

As said one of the founders Jalansutra culinary community, that after the "affair" long with western food, the Indonesian people to eat foods now miss his homeland.

In addition to the original flavor of the food miss Indonesia, pride and desire for pleasure echoing the culinary flavors of Indonesia was also strengthened by dikukuhkannya Indonesia is one of the dishes, rendang as the most delicious food in the world. Native foods of West Sumatra, occupy the first position of the 50 most delicious food in the world of the reader the choice of voting on the site CNNGo.com.

One of the main factors that make food acceptable to Indonesia in the international world is the existence of specific factors and distinctive flavor that is added to the food of Indonesia. And keep in mind, Indonesia is a major spice producing countries and complete then Indonesia would not be surprised if the food contains a mixture of spices and seasonings are numerous and typical.

Although there are similarities in terms of taste to food in other countries, such as the Mediterranean, Arab, or Indian, but Indonesia still has the flavor and its own peculiar characteristics. This is so the power in the Indonesian food and hard to forget those who have ever eaten.

Not only that, the desire to preserve Indonesian food is also done to protect the recognition of native culinary wealth of Indonesia by neighboring countries. However, unfortunately not a part of culinary material that can be patented, but can only be conserved.

So throughout the year 2011 this would not be surprised if the local culinary charm Indonesia increasingly shine, such as rendang, 'semur' with a variety of flavor, opor chicken, 'nasi uduk', 'gudeg', boiled catfish, 'nasi goreng' is also excellent, including the President of the United States Barack Obama.