07 Desember 2011

Preparation Important When Vacationing to the Island

Indonesia has many exotic and beautiful islands. Starting from the province of West Java like Tidung Island or Pulau Umang, to which is located in Sulawesi, such as Bunaken Island.

The island has become one of the favorite destinations when talking about spending year-end holidays. The island has waves, white sand, and located in the middle of the ocean does have its own attraction to visit while on vacation. But many things to consider when visiting the tourist area of ​​the island because the sea conditions, of course, very different from the land or air.

If this is your first holiday to the island, or invite a family who had never been to the island, need to listen to the tips quoted from this detiktravel.

1. Fair and Healthy Eating
There is a good idea before a trip, you fill the stomach beforehand to prevent colds. But not too full, because it can cause nausea and disturbing journey.

2. Find Island Destination Information
Look for the fullest information about the islands to be visited, ranging from accommodation to places to eat. If you are visiting inhabited islands remain, seek additional information about the habits of local residents, such as things that can and can not do there. This is so you can adapt quickly and be accepted by the population.

3. Estimate Time Travel
To get to an island, you will travel across land and sea. Therefore, you need to estimate the travel time in order not to wonder when arrived at the site. In addition, by estimating the long journey, you can prepare the goods that need to be taken.

4. Make sure the Ship Departure Schedule
Check the schedule departure of the ship is very important, so you can take into account hours of arrival at the port and not left the ship.

5. Do Crossing at Night
Ocean waves at night is usually difficult to predict. So it is with sea water was calm, it could turn into a high wave at any time. In addition, the beautiful scenery which spread widely in the oceans can not be enjoyed, like when you cross during the day. So, avoid crossing the ocean at night.

6. See Weather
Before leaving, try to contact the vessel or BMKG (weather reports) to find out weather forecasts and current waves leave and go home. If it is still safe in the calculation, you can continue the journey. But if not, it's better to reset the trip schedule.

7. Anticipation Drunk Marine
Many people affected by seasickness when crossing by boat. If you fall in it, anticipation before taking off with a hangover. It could also choose to sit in the middle of the ship. Ship the front and rear shocks can generate large enough when splitting the waves, and it became one of the causes of seasickness.

8. Bring the Jacket
Sea breeze is usually tight. Always use a jacket to avoid the cold and warm the body. In addition, the jacket can also protect the body from direct sun.

9. Use Sunblock
Vacationing on the island, you will a lot of 'contact' with the beach and sea. Which means, the body will be a lot of skin exposed to sunlight. To avoid skin burns, do not forget to always use sunblock every two hours. Wear sunblock with a content of at least 30 SPF.

10. Bring Your Own Pool Equipment
It feels incomplete when the island without swimming. If you include the people who love to swim, it's good to bring your own pool equipment. Do not use the pool equipment for rent. Besides not as comfortable as the property itself, you also can get a skin disease that may be contagious.