09 Desember 2011

Situ Cipondoh, Nature Tourism in South Jakarta

Situ Cipondoh natural tourism area, which is located in Tangerang (Banten), offers beautiful scenery and cool, with all amenities. Especially playing area for children. Regarding the price, do not worry, because these places sell tickets at affordable prices.

The atmosphere in Situ Cipondoh quite interesting. In addition to children's playground, also can make use of Situ (lake) as a means of fishing. For bait fishing for example, is not too difficult because there are around Situ Cipondoh that sells bait. In fact, just by using as bait worms and moss, in a few minutes was able to get the fish.

For ticket prices, arena tours in the area of ​​Tangerang this set prices fairly cheap, only Rp 2.000 for a typical day, and for Sunday Rp 3000 per person. Meanwhile, if there are musical performances (stage), usually visitors must pay entrance fees at Rp 5.000.

Cipondoh five years there has been a tourist attraction run by the Public Forum For Cipondoh Situ Conservation and Development (FORMASI).

The whole ticket sale revenues are used solely to treat Situ Cipondoh. So little by little the existing facilities to be added, such as water bikes, boats, trains rabbits, and also the flying fox. Game ticket prices are quite affordable. Bicycles Tickets water for Rp 15.000 to half an hour. In the water cycle Situ Cipondoh available 15 pieces.

While the boat tickets sold at Rp 5,000 for a one-time round. Boat capacity 10 people for small boats, and 20 for large boats. Prices games train rabbits priced USD 3,000, with a duration of six minutes. Flying Fox is being ticket for Rp 5.000 and Rp 15.000. Price is not always the same, depending on route length and trajectory.

Well, for those of you who are interested to travel cheap, can while fishing, and enjoy the beautiful scenery, Situ Cipondoh could be an option. Situ Cipondoh hours open from 08.00 to 17.30 WIB.