06 Desember 2011

Tourism Old City, No Differences with Market

Day on 23 October last month, I took myself to the streets to the old town (Kota Tua, Jakarta), as had long been stopped, had implied in mind about buildings that have a high historical value.

Arriving at around 5 pm, wishful thinking about the Dutch cannon and post office, immediately go away, because many vendors present merchandise, ranging from food, DVDs or temporary tattoo, wow ..., chaotic desires take building drawings, not to mention the singers, beggars and motorcycle parking for the more lively atmosphere (very dense).

According to one trader fruit ice, these traders come from 12 noon until closing at 6 pm, but it's just a few, the rest can until daybreak.

Is not there a better relocation, without the need to remove the value from somewhere, because I see there are some information boards, for example in the museum of puppets, which runs out in graffiti, not to mention the merchants who throw indstrinya rest in the ditch, to create an atmosphere more fragrant fragrant.

So, what can I do, just enjoy the tour the old city, with background and parking motor traders crowded.

And until when tour the old city can still survive if it continues to run a business like this? Ask the swaying grass!
sources: Kompasiana.com