26 Januari 2012

Watching Eruption of Mount Lokon

Mount Lokon showed its strength during the mid-year eruption. At that time, a burst of fire out of the mountain. At the quiet, mountain climbers used to receive guests-climbers who want to explore the beauty of the mountain.

Is the current eruption, tourists decreased? It turned out otherwise, tourists still come to see action during the eruption of Mount Lokon. Today, the mountain is still active and took out his bowels.

Mount Lokon was still closed to tourists who want to climb. However, that does not mean you are visiting Tomohon, North Sulawesi, can not see the beauty of Mount Lokon it.

Move your vehicle to Lokon Boutique Resort is located in Kakaskasen I, North Tomohon. Lokon Boutique Resort is a fairly well-known inn in this town. Therefore, it is very easy to find the resort. Moreover, in 1995, the resort is never visited by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Although you do not intend to stay at this resort, you can still visit to see Mount Lokon. Yes, of Mount Lokon this hotel are evident. As if the hand was so close and unattainable. The reality so far.

Simply walk to the broad lawn in the middle of the resort, the Mount Lokon will be apparent to the eye. Any material issued by the eruption of the mountain in sight.

You will see the uniqueness of the eruption of Mount Lokon not originating from the mountaintop, but the ridge. As if the crater like a stick on the side of the mountain.

Mount Lokon actually often erupt. Usually together with the eruption of Mount Mahawu which is near the area. But last year Mahawu not erupt.

Some tourists, while Mount Lokon erupted, many are desperate to keep climbing the mountain. In fact, Mount Lokon still closed to climbers.

Yes, very interesting to see bursts of Mount Lokon. Not just for photos only, no sense of depth when viewing directly the fierce forces of nature.
sources: kompas.co.id